Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Book Review

This is another one of the books I ordered last month. I ordered a used copy and was delightfully surprised to find it was autographed by several of the quilters. How cool is that?
While this book gives lots of information about the area, local history, and the quilts, it is presented in a way that I find particularly interesting. Look at the way the quilts are shown side by side.
This is how they have presented most of the quilts in this book. While you only get to see half of the quilt, it is so cool to see it compared to another quilt with similar characteristics or elements. I love the old photos of the people and the houses, too. I think this book is going to give me so much inspiration and quite a few ideas. I am so glad I ordered it, and it's just a bonus that it was very reasonable, signed, and in great shape!
Please Note** I have never been disappointed in the condition of any used books I have bought online. I am careful to read the description of the condition, and I prefer to avoid former library copies. While some of the used books can be very pricey, if you keep them in your wish list and check back occasionally, you can usually find a great deal when it comes along. I paid far less for this book than I would have a new copy.
Enjoy every quilt!


  1. I too like to buy used books. I have this one in my library and it is a winner

  2. I'm trying to be good and not buy unnecessary things these days! You're seriously testing my willpower these days.:)


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