Monday, March 10, 2014

Happy Mail

Did you know that Hancock's had a sale last week? Sorry, I should have told you. I got an email, and I decided to take a look. I don't often buy fabric online and that's probably a good thing. I enjoy a cute bundle now and then from some of my favorite etsy shops, but just purchasing random yardage from a website is not necessarily a good thing. I was certain I had ordered half yard pieces, and they were actually one yard pieces...oops. I also thought I would leave things in the cart and come back and add items later, so that when I finally ordered, several items were sold out.  Then when the package arrived this weekend, I noticed more than half of the items listed were on back order. Sigh. So while the fabric is gorgeous, this did not exactly go as planned. At least I have another package to look forward to at some point, whenever the backordered items arrive. LOL. Leave it to me to complicate a very simple task.

Have a great Monday!

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