Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday, Monday

Is it just me or does everyone have piles of quilts on their dining room table? Where else is a quilter supposed to organize more than 40 quilts. These aren't all of my quilts mind you, these are just my "working quilts." These quilts travel with me to my lectures, trunk shows and workshops. Depending on which program I am doing, determines which ones get packed, and in which order. I know I'm lucky to have a large table on which to pile them, but really...this is getting a little out of hand.

It's a good thing this is not the room we normally eat in. I honestly don't have any other place I can think of to put them.
Luna doesn't mind, she sleeps on them occasionally. Today she is keeping the sofa warm. She doesn't have these dilemmas in life. She also does not care that I did not put a single stitch in anything this weekend. I know, I totally blew it for "National Quilting Day". I had a sick kiddo, and another who was just being a little high maintenance, and another who kept needing to be fed. Fairly typical weekend with three teenagers. I did get a shirt ironed and five loads of laundry done. I also tidied up my sewing room a bit, and watched a few free episodes of "The Quilt Show" this weekend.

Maybe today I'll get something sewn worth sharing for tomorrow. Wish me luck!
Speaking of luck, Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!



  1. Hey, at least you have the table! Around here, they'd be piled in my bedroom and we'd be stepping over them.:)

    1. Who says there's not a pile or two in the bedroom as well? LOL

  2. We don't have any quilts on our dining room table--it's where hubby piles all his stuff. Well, there may be a table runner under there--I can't remember the last time I saw it--Thanksgiving probably. Thankfully we have room to eat at our snack bar. I do have a huge pile of quilts hanging over a shower rod in a bathroom that we don't use. So far it's holding up, but I'm starting to worry about it bending under the weight every time I sling a new one up on there--haha!


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