Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sew much to do...

And sew many choices, what should I do today?

1. Finish the quilt that I have half quilted.
2. Border and sash the exchange blocks that need to be made into a top.
3. Sew the mini blocks together that I have cut all the pieces for.
4. Sew the next set of charity blocks together for another donation quilt.
5. Put the star points together and choose a background fabric.
6. Baste and quilt one of the *ahem* several tops that need to be quilted.
7. Pull out my appliqué blocks and make a little progress.
8. Add the next border to the round robin quilt I have.
9. Quilt and bind the second socks blocks quilt top that is waiting for me.
10. Put my birthday blocks together into a small quilt top.
11. Do something with the 72649573549275448592 tiny tumblers I have cut.
12. Start a new project!

(No need to ask him, he always votes for a belly rub!)

Any guesses on what I will choose?
I hope your day is filled with beautiful stitches!


  1. If I were you : number 12 without hesitation!

    1. if I needed any encouragement for that one!

  2. Ahhh.. decisions. Might be time to read another book.:)


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