Friday, March 7, 2014

Show and Tell

I went to the preview party yesterday at Bulloch Hall. The show is so beautiful this year! I am looking forward to going back and working my shifts this week. It's always fun to visit with other quilters and mingle with the quilts a bit. I really wanted to share the quilt above made by my sweet friend Pam Martin. She started this quilt in a workshop I led based on this pattern found in my shop. She chose a different setting, which I think makes it even better! So proud of you and your gorgeous quilt, Pam!

And this is a little donation quilt I recently finished using up some old blocks. The nine patches were left over from an exchange years ago, and the socks are just from an exchange last year. I also used some border and backing fabric that is almost vintage...but still sweet and perfect for this little collection of blocks. I just added strips of fabric until everything went together nicely. I hope the person who receives it will enjoy it.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. cute sock quilt! have fun at the show

  2. Beautiful Trip Around The World! Is that what it's called? Stunning colors!

  3. Really nice little quilt, I love those kind of naive blocks mixed with leftovers.


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