Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Show and Tell

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Last week I went to my friend Darlene's house for my small stitching group. I love going to Darlene's house because she is the most wonderful hostess! She makes the most delicious things for us to eat and this time it included a home made coconut cake. Yum. She always makes her friends feel like royalty.

In addition to being a wonderful cook and hostess, she is a talented quilter. She was in a round robin group a few years ago that I was lucky enough to be a part of as well. She started the quilt with the basket blocks, another friend added the flying geese, and I added the four patches.

Then look what a clever label she put on the back! She simply took a pretty little linen and added her information to it, then appliqued it to the back of the quilt. How clever and pretty is that?


She also did some really cute fussy cutting when she used my tumbler template. Apparently she has a few hundred more cut, so we may be seeing more tumbler quilts from Darlene in the future. LOL

This is NOT Darlene, this is my friend Mary Ruth (she was at Darlene's too) and she made this cute little quilt and hand quilted it, just for fun. These friends of mine keep me so inspired!
Enjoy every stitch!


  1. What a wonderful friend you've got! Does Darlene have a blog? I love the refined label, very good idea, never seen before! Best regards.

    1. Darlene doesn't have a blog, but she reads here regularly, so I'm sure she will enjoy your comment. She has a special way of making everything lovely. Have a great day!

  2. I can see why you enjoy spending time with your friends! I felt the love and comfort just reading your post. Speaking of friends, does anyone out their know why Carol's Crafty Creations has not posted since Jan.?

    1. Thanks Harmony, I am blessed with wonderful friends. I don't know the answer to your question, but I do hope all is well.


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