Thursday, May 15, 2014

10 Minute Tip


Today's tip is simple. Want to keep your ironing board cover looking nice? I always seem to press in the same spot, eventually that spot starts to look scorched. To prevent this, I simply take a piece of fabric, any piece of cotton will do, usually a half yard size and lay it on the ironing board. I place it where I normally press, and then I fold it in two, so that it gives me a double layer. I use this piece of fabric for a week or so, then switch to another. This keeps my ironing board looking nice and is way easier than making a new cover! I will use an old piece of fabric that I don't care for if I'm applying fusible or something that might get on the surface. That way I'm not sad if an accident happens. So go find a piece of fabric to use for a pressing cloth and your ironing board cover will thank you!

Go HERE to see my super easy ironing board cover tutorial.

Enjoy every press!


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