Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Big Announcement!


I was recently invited to be part of a very special debut! Clothworks is introducing a new line of fabric that is grown, produced, manufactured and distributed all in the good old USA. They are calling it the AMERICAN MADE BRAND. So when the nice folks at Clothworks asked me if I would like to be a part of this brand new line of fabric...I couldn't say YES fast enough!

The fabric arrived recently and I can in all honesty say that it is beautiful, soft, and just the right weave for both piecing and applique. It is neither too stiff nor too flimsy. And the colors, well, the colors are so saturated and soft and beautiful and yummy and... Can you tell I like the colors? No, they are not paying me for this opinion, it is entirely my own. I promise.

So when does the fun begin? Well first there will be a blog hop during which one blogger from each state will reveal a custom 6" x 12" block representing a license plate from their state. Once the blog hop is complete the blocks will all be mailed to Clothworks where they will be assembled into a quilt that will be displayed at Quilt Market in November. How fun is that?

You can see my block here on May 20th. I will be sharing my GEORGIA block and will have a give away. The nice folks at Clothworks are donating a fat quarter bundle of this gorgeous new fabric to one lucky winner from each and every blog! So you can enter to win 50 times if you visit each and every blog on the hop!

How's that for exciting? I know, I'm grinning too! Read all the details at http://americanmadebrand.com/

(a.k.a. Ms. Georgia)


  1. What a fun project to be a part of! Thanks for sharing all the info with us...I'll be back to see you Georgia block!

  2. How fun for you! I'm hearing good things about the fabric. Good luck on your block!

  3. I love that you are Ms. Georgia! I might have to use that since I'm Ms.Delaware in this blog tour. :) Nice blog!

  4. Love it. I'm excited about the American grown/made and will look for it in the stores. They are doing a great PR campaign. As a retired corporate PR person....I'm impressed.


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