Friday, May 9, 2014

Any guesses...

Wonder what I've been doing? Obviously not cleaning! I am having so much fun playing with selvages again. I am sewing these onto foundations cut from phone book pages. It is super fun and fast. Once I have something that looks like I quilt, I will show it to you, I promise. But for now I'll just have the pedal to the metal!

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. I love those fun days at the machine, like yesterday for me and the rain. I did a Disappearing Pinwheel from Heyes Home blog. Love it and fast I will be making more. Sally

  2. You call THAT not cleaning?? I was thinking of posting my mess but it is too embarrassing! D.G. L

  3. Looks like a fun time in the sewing room!

  4. Phone book pages! You are so clever. I've been wondering what to use for foundations for a string quilt. Thanks for the tip. Your "bee buddy", Patsy

  5. What a clever idea to use phonebook pages for foundation piecing! I'll keep that in mind. If I ever get to sew again!!! Haven't sewn for 2 months now! So busy with other stuff, that the energy isn't there for any sewing. This week I'll be painting in our home, so another week sew-less I guess....
    Read about your first quilt market next week!! How exiting!!! Where is that?? Never been to one, so I have no idea what it entails, but it must be wonderful if it;s about quilts and fabrics. Have fun and I hope to read all about it soon! xxxx Bianca


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