Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Book Review

I've been shopping online again. I was looking for some more of the 'states'  books that I so enjoy and found this one for $2.50 plus shipping. It was in very good shape when it arrived. I love reading the stories of the history of these quilts and about the people who made them and the people who now have them. 
How amazing is this sampler quilt? I could spend hours looking at this and have found several blocks already that I am unfamiliar with and would love to try and piece. I also love that the quilter put her initials smack in the middle of this quilt. Good for her!
And don't these folks crack you up. It's as if he is scowling about how much fabric she has collected and she is smirking because he doesn't even know about half of it! LOL

And this amazing star quilt. What's not to love?
Apparently, men have always been confused. 

And this sweet apple tree quilt. The sashing is unbelievable and how fun is it that one tree is different from all the others? I think this quilter must have had a good sense of humor as well as some really great stitching skills.

I'm really glad I found this book, I know I will be inspired by more than one quilt in it. And I always love learning more about quilting history and quilters. If you see this one available, it's definitely worth ordering.

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. Wow, I love those quilts!! And the one on the cover too. I like your funny comments about what the people are thinking.

  2. Great find, Diane! I like the quilt on the cover, too. And those apple trees are great! Definitely some food for thought there. Thanks for the photos! :D

  3. The state quilting books always seem to have some interesting quilts in them. Love the flying geese sashing!

  4. What a wonderful book. Is this a series? Are they by the same authors? I am having difficulty finding out anything about these "states" books, but would love to know more.

  5. Oh my gosh!! Love that quote...that's exactly what my husband take perfectly good fabric...cut it into little pieces...then sew it back together...LOL!!

    Thanks for the photos and book review.

  6. Ha! "You go buy all this fabric and sew it back together." I love it! And the book looks great.


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