Friday, May 30, 2014

I love summer!

This has been our first full week of summer and I couldn't love it more. We went to the final track banquet for the kids to get their "letters" and awards. Kelly got her license and started driving herself to the barn (more quilting time for me!) and the boys, their friends and I spent a lovely day at the lake. I sat in a chair under a tree and read half of this book... 

It is wonderful! So glad I picked it up at the bookstore a few weeks ago. It's not your typical quilt book. It's jam packed with loads of information, dozens of quilters share their thoughts and ideas, there are tips on almost every page and inspiration over flows! Glad I had a sketch pad and pencil with me too! You can find the book HERE. It is very good reading and will take more than one day at the lake to read the whole thing.

Meanwhile, back at home, the kitty was keeping us safe from a suspicious looking lady bug high up on the wall. What would we do without her?

Enjoy every moment of this summer!


  1. How fun! Thanks for the book recommendation. :)

  2. So lovely to get past the end of school and into summer. Fabulous for you to have another driver too! That book is very interesting, but you're right, it does take more than one set down with it to take it all in.:)


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