Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Australian Pen Pal

Almost 20 years ago, I was lucky enough to meet a pen pal through my local quilt guild. Her name is Diane just like me and her last name is my mother's maiden name. It must have been karma that brought us together. In the decades (can we really be that old?) that we've been corresponding, lots of life has happened. Between the two of us we've moved houses at least 3 times, given birth five times, changed jobs at least twice, and way too much more to mention. But through it all we've sent letters, emails, photos, small gifts, and sweet surprises to each other. The rare phone call are my favorite because her accent is adorable!

Last week I was so happy to find a big squishy envelop from her in my mail box. I had so much fun reading her note and discovering the pattern and pin cushion kit she sent. I made up the pin cushion that very night! There was also a cute cap from Bondi Beach which my teen girl snagged, but she promises to let me borrow it. LOL

I'm so thankful that Diane is my pen pal, and my friend. I plan to go visit her one day in Australia but until then, we will just continue to send notes and surprises. Quilting friends really are the best aren't they?

Thanks Diane!



  1. They truly, truly are. Thanks for sharing your happy mail with us. :)

  2. Oh thanks, Diane. It is just as rewarding for me! And I am the lucky one as I can get a quick update by clicking on your blog. Now we really should attempt to Skype .... :)

  3. Taking the time to stay in touch has its rewards and you are obviously reaping. Have fun.


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