Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Name Tag Tutorial

I decided to make a cute little holder for my name badge for market. Okay two! I wanted to have a pocket for my cell phone and hotel key and cash. I needed to have space for my name badge obviously. I had not made one before and didn't think the ones I found on line were what I wanted, so I invented one!

Materials Needed:

fabric piece for outside 5" x 15"
fabric piece for lining 5" x 13"
fabric for strap 2" x WOF
clear vinyl 4" x 5"
zipper at least 5" long

Layer the clear vinyl piece on top of the outside fabric beginning 6" from the end.

Fold the outside fabric over the edge of the vinyl.

Stitch one quarter inch away from the edge going through the vinyl and both layers of the outside fabric. This will create the bottom seam of the pocket.

Fold the front flap back over to the back side so the wrong sides of the fabric are facing one another.

Leave a half inch of fabric and sew a line just past the edge of the vinyl. This creates a small flange for the bottom of the pocket and makes it a bit more stable and able to lie flat.
You should now have created the bottom edge of the clear pocket and now we want an open flap for the top edge of the pocket. A place where we can slip the name tag into but the flap will protect it from falling out.

Simply fold the top side of the fabric over and back again to create the flap. (where I am pointing)

Carefully sew a straight seam across the fabric to create a secure flap, taking care NOT to sew through the clear vinyl.
This is what the back side will look like once the three seams have been sewn.

Layer the lining fabric over under this and trim to the correct size. My two varied because I wanted to make the repeat of the pattern show.

Now unzip the zipper, move your needle to the left (or use a zipper foot) and sew the zipper between the lining and the outside fabric with the right sides together. Be sure there is enough room at the end of the zipper to secure it with binding later. (see very top of photo)

Now that the two sides of the zipper have been sewn its time to flip the whole thing inside out.

Flipping it will reveal the zipper and the clear vinyl pocket.

It should look like this...

Topstitch along the two edges of the zipper (optional, I just like the finished look it gives)

Now fiddle with it until it lies flat and the flap is laying over the vinyl. The construction is now done except for adding the binding, which is also the strap.
It should look like this from the side. See the vinyl on top?

I basted the sides together and cut off the excess zipper. A pair of scissors will do the trick. Now zip the zipper half way so it will not interfere with sewing the strap on.

I made the strap by ironing the 2" strip in half lengthwise, and folding the side into the center and pressing again. I used the entire length of the fabric but you might want to make yours shorter. Or you can just buy ready made binding. Just put the strap around your neck and see what you think is good.

I sewed the binding onto one side of the holder and continued sewing the strap closed until I got to the other side. I sewed the holder into the last part of the binding. I did this with one continuous seam.

This is the front of the holder with the clear pocket and below is the back with the zipper compartment that is fully lined!

Just tuck the name tag into the clear pocket and you are ready to go!

Actually, you will probably want to make several since they are so easy and fun! I made two to go with my outfits I plan to wear. If you see me in Pittsburgh this weekend, I'll be wearing one of these!
Enjoy every stitch!



  1. Very good idea! You are so creative.:)

  2. What a great little bag ! Thanks for the tutorial !

  3. Great tutorial! Have fun at market. You're gonna be so inspired by all the creative juices flowing there. Take lots of pictures to share with us.

  4. Diane, love this idea. I'd like to teach this at my guild. Do I have your permission?

  5. Love this tutorial! Used it to make badge holders for my husband and me for GEN CON!

  6. Love this tutorial! Used it to make badge holders for my husband and me for GEN CON!

  7. Great work.
    Thanks for the instructions.
    My niece can use this neck wallet outdoor.


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