Friday, May 2, 2014

Nearly Insane #23

Yes, I finished another Nearly Insane block. This one wasn't too difficult but I'm not super thrilled with it. The check fabric I chose for the tiny sashing looks all wonky. I actually did a fairly decent job of piecing this block (it even turned out the right size!) but the fabric choice was not the best. I like the outside triangle fabric so much that I am leaving it. The block looks good enough to keep in person.

I  have put the bin away again, so I may be taking a break from this project. Or maybe not, it all just depends on what mood I wake up in. That's one thing I love so much about quilting...the options are endless!

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. That block has lots of tiny pieces! It's interesting how the check fabric makes thesis hong look different widths. I like the endless options in quilting too.

  2. It's a great block and the wonky sashing is charming! I was wondering about your Nearly Insane quilt blocks.:)

  3. It is very reassuring that even very experienced quilters make choices that don't turn out as planned. As a relatively new quilter, it is taking me a very long time to develop "the eye" for combinations, but I am improving.

    1. I think sharing successes and challenges are all part of learning and helping others learn. Not everything is going to turn out like we hoped, and that's okay, it keeps things interesting at least! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I am going to start these blocks in the Fall with a group. It will be fun to see your blocks.


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