Thursday, May 8, 2014

One week from today...

I'll be at my very first QUILT MARKET ever!!! I am so excited and anxious, thrilled and intimidated. I have never been to quilt market before but I've read about it. I have talked to people who have been. I have always wanted to go. Now that I am actually going I can hardly believe it.

I've bought some new outfits, and I've made a list (or ten) and I'm getting a mani/pedi and maybe even a haircut. I've made airline and hotel reservations. I think I am ready. I am just so excited and nervous to meet all of the folks I've been working with on line for over a year now.

If you've ever been to market and have any advice for me (besides wearing comfy shoes) please feel free to tell me! If you are also going for your first time, PLEASE let me know so we can meet up for moral support! If you see me there, please say HI! I'll be the one that looks dazed and confused and probably just grinning from ear to ear.



  1. Have fun! I have always wished I could go too.

  2. Awesome!! You'll be just fine I'm sure.:)

  3. I wish you good luck, I am sure you will enjoy it!

  4. You are so cute! :-) I am sure you will have a wonderful time and it will be totally overwhelming at first! But I hope you meet all the people you want to and enjoy every minute. Keep us posted. K-

  5. Wow, Diane - another great achievement. I am so happy for you and I hope you have the most amazing, wonderful fabulous experience. Please remember to take heaps of photos and share all the goss with us

  6. You will have a great time and come home totally inspired. I'm going to be there so I might see you roaming the aisles :). Say hi if you see me first. Have fun.
    Hugs - Karen


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