Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Quilt Sampler Magazine

I love this magazine! I have collected them from the very beginning. I was so thrilled when they started publishing them twice a year instead of just once. I look forward to reading about the shops and seeing the samples and the photos. It is like a virtual shop hop, and it never fails to surprise me. I have had my copy in the car for a week now so I can read it when I'm waiting for kids at the gym or the barn. If you haven't gotten your copy yet, go grab one!

Enjoy every page!


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  2. It's fun you keep it in the car, it must make you feel like driving off to the featured shops. We don't get it in Australia but it's such a great idea for a magazine.

  3. I like to keep something to read in the vehicle always. I get impatient waiting for fuel to be pumped or long dr. visits. Quilt Sampler is a fun mag and it's so fun to get to visit the shops they showcase! I'm Marsha from just saying hi before the AMB Blog Tour starts. See you down that road!

    1. Hi Marsha, nice to meet you! I'm so excited about the AMB blog tour, it's going to be so fun. First I have to get myself to market and back, so it's going to be a whirlwind! See you on the tour!

  4. It's noted on my shoppinglist for the holiday! ( I have my own budget on quiltstuff alone!!! ) Wish we had more and better magazines here about quilting. It's just a very unknown hobby here, so not enough buyers for international magazines.

  5. I buy this magazine every year. I make myself savor it and only read about one shop every couple of days...Kind of like chocolate. I want to make the quilt on the cover for my bed.

  6. It seems a great magazine, I will ask my son to bring one for me when he will come from Chicago in August.

  7. They visited my LQS this last round! Stash in Walla Walla :) Everyone is pretty excited, our JoAnn's is even showing off the magazine at the cutting counter!


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