Monday, May 19, 2014

Spring Quilt Market Review


I could write a book about my first visit to Quilt Market, but since none of us have time for that, I'll just share the highlights! I went with the purpose to learn as much as I could and meet the wonderful folks I work with on line...

1. Pittsburgh is beautiful! The green hills hug the rivers that surround the city and the bridges and water make the whole place feel cozy.
2. You will never meet nicer people than the ones that live and work in Pittsburgh.

3. If you expect quilt market to be HUGE and OVERWHELMING you are underestimating it.
4. The sweet ladies that work at Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine are SO FUN, and give great hugs!
5. Sometimes you have to get on a plane and go to Pittsburgh to meet a neighbor from back home! Hi Heather!
(how cute is Mom?)

6. Seeing your own quilt hanging in a booth at market will give you heart palpitations.

7. Seeing another quilt of yours hanging in another booth might require you to sit down and collect yourself.
8. Sample Spree makes black Friday at Walmart look relaxing.

9. Schoolhouse is a chance to take 10 classes from 10 teachers in one day, each and every one of them was amazing!
10. I got to meet a fellow Craftsy writer! Hi Sherri!
11. I brought home an extra bag filled with nothing but fabric and thread, and yes, I did have to explain that at airport security screening. :)
12. Every single person I met was excited to be there and super encouraging and made me feel very welcome. Not that I expected anything else, but it was a huge relief anyway.
13. It will take a while to "process" all of the great information I acquired.

(Talking to Jen Kingwell was a true highlight, she is amazing!)

14. My feet still hurt and my eyes are still bloodshot but it was so worth it!
15. I met the good folks at American Patchwork and Quilting and they recognized me. Really.
16. I missed meeting Debra who published my first magazine quilt even though I went back to that booth at least a dozen times. I am so grateful to her and so sorry I didn't get to tell her in person.
17. Meeting the people at the Kansas City Star booth was exciting, they published my first book quilt in their My Stars VIII book.
18. Sue Spargo sat next to me at the table in the concierge area. Okay, I might have pointed out to her that it was available, but can you blame me?
19. I recognized and met lots of fellow quilt bloggers.
20. I may not be recovered in time for fall market, but I'm sure I will still be grinning about this first market experience until then!

(view from my hotel room)

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See you tomorrow!


  1. What exciting adventures, thank you for sharing all this with us!

  2. How very fun! And what a thrill to see your quilts hanging at market. Woohoo!!!

  3. So glad it was enjoyable! I have been checking regularly to see if you had posted about your adventure. It sounds as though it was wonderful.

    1. Sorry I didn't have more photos to share but I was so busy grinning and talking and looking that I forgot to take pictures! There were so many people to meet and quilts to see and I made my best effort not to miss a single one! LOL

  4. I felt like I was there. Love the way you write.

  5. totally love your review! next time come say hello, I think you missed me!

  6. Quilt Market is so awesome, I agree! I am so jealous you got to go this spring! I had two graduates this year and plan on going next year. I was so overwhelmed the first time I went and could tell you a story if you want to hear it! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences!


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