Thursday, June 5, 2014

Book Review

Rather than think about my flooded basement and the array of items laying on my yard to dry in the sun and the cost of my new hot water heater, let's talk about something fun...some new quilt books!

I know I've shared quite a few new books lately and to be honest, I don't always treat myself to so many new books, but I was able to get a good deal on these direct from the publisher. (Please note that this is not a sponsored post but if you do order these books through the link on the right side of my blog under 'stuff I love' I will get a tiny commission that will help pay for the above mentioned hot water heater. Sigh.)

Kathy Doughty was at spring quilt market and I was lucky enough to meet her during her school house presentation. I've followed her blog Material Obsession for years and have been a huge fan of her work and her writing. What I didn't expect, was how completely charming and funny she is in person! She made a room full of strangers feel like we were all old friends reminiscing about the quilts we love. She is so full of passion for this lovely thing we call 'designing quilts' and she can't contain her enthusiasm for sharing it with others. Her stories of how she designs and how she tries to inspire others is truly fascinating.

Her latest two books are a glimpse into her process and her desire to share quilting inspiration. I would try to pick a favorite but that would be too hard. The stories and the explanations are as inspiring as the quilts themselves. My only regret in buying these two books is that I waited so long. I highly recommend them to anyone who is a fan of hers.

Enjoy every page!


  1. I love her blog. She sounds really interesting.:)

  2. So sorry about your hot water tank. Know about water problems when the main line into the house burst and soaked some of my quilt books. Still use them. Tell us more about about the fabric and road trip for Made in the USA. Where do you buy the fabric?

  3. Kathy Doughty is a treasure in the quilting world. Her enthusiasm is contagious and just looking at her quilts makes you want to sew!


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