Thursday, June 12, 2014

Creative Coping Skills!

(Luna is completely unaffected by the craziness around here!)

If you happen to be unable to quilt because your basement flooded and the entire level of your home is getting new flooring including your sewing room (hypothetically speaking, of course!) there are other creative things to do that do not require access to your favorite room in the house. Here's a few suggestions...

1. Flip through some quilting magazines for inspiration and ideas.
2. Catch up on your blog reading!
3. Do a handwork project.
4. Read a book.
5. Listen to a Pat Sloan podcast on tune in radio.
6. Enroll in a Craftsy class (I hear they have awesome writers on their blog! *wink*)
7. Go for a walk, the dog will love you.
8. Hang out at your local quilt shop, they love fat quarter folding volunteers. 
9. Schedule all those appointments you've been putting off (please tell me I'm not the only one!)
10. Go to the lake with a few of your favorite girls (and Dougal the superdog!)


It's only been a week and I might be going slightly crazy! My hubby had the nerve to mention that I "seem a little crabby" Really? It's obvious that I'm a little stressed out and I don't like dealing with the aftermath of a flooded basement? Crabby? As if.

Enjoy some stitching for me!


  1. Your hubby is as clueless as mine! Duh I' m crabby when my world is in disarray...

  2. Hmmm.. too bad there's not a quilt retreat for you to disappear to.:) Audrey

  3. Just read all about the flooding of the basement. Oh dear, I would go mental!! Lucky that none of the quilts were "hurt" or damaged, but not being able to do what you love, despite all the alternatives you have, is hard! I haven't been able to sit down to sew for over 3 months now! Painting at my brothers', my sisters' and my own home, all other stuff that's going on and not found the energy or time to sew. A few days ago I wanted to sew and the first 5 pieces all had to be taken out! I've forgot how to sew!!! AAaaahhh.... Just being silly of course, but still. Know how you feel... Good luck on all of that and I hope you get your space back soon and can sew to your hearts content.

  4. I love your positive way of dealing with life. Enjoy.


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