Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Thank You Christine!

A few weeks ago I got the cutest card and gift in the mail from a quilting friend, Christine. She used to live in Georgia but moved TOO far away to visit, so we keep in touch on line mostly. She sent me the cute quilted card and this really cool quilted towel. It looks and feels like very light weight card board, and has such a pretty quilt pattern on it, but once it gets wet, it becomes a towel. How fun is that? 

And no, I absolutely did NOT use it during the flood! I'm saving it for something a bit more fun than that. This week the new floors are being installed and that means everything is being moved around again, and then back again. Sorry, is that me whining about the basement flood again? Oops. 

Thanks again Christine!


  1. What a pretty present... but sorry for the flood!!

  2. Very sweet gift. Any water damage in the house is traumatic and to have it in your quilting area is just wrong.:)

  3. Great gift from a lovely friend!! Where did Christine move to - she may be close to me because I am far from you up here in eastern Washington!! Soon the flood and the aftermath will be a distant memory, never to be repeated!!!


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