Wednesday, June 4, 2014

That little voice...

There are so many options to consider when making a quilt. Which block, what fabric, how many colors, what's easy to spin out of control. (Not that this has ever happened to me personally! LOL) But you know what I mean, don't you? Sometimes there are just too many choices.

It starts out so simple. The little voice in my head sees a pattern and says...Oh yes, I will make that quilt! Then within the next nano-second the little voice says...but what if I used those fabrics I bought last week, it would change the whole feel of it? And what if I added an extra border? And what if swapped out those blocks and added a tiny bit of applique? And I need to make it bigger, much bigger, because I love big quilts!

Do you get the idea? That little voice in my head doesn't know when to shut up! (Is this TMI?) I wish I could install a 'mute' button on that little voice sometimes. I know, I know, there are pills for this sort of thing, but lets not go there okay? I love that little voice, she is my creativity at work, but she talks faster than I can quilt. Does anyone else have this problem? Maybe you do but you are smart enough not to admit it. I understand. Truly I do.

Sometimes I write and sketch and get all those ideas down on paper and it helps. But sometimes I just feel overwhelmed that no matter how long I live, I will never be able to make all of the quilts I want to. So maybe the idea is to slow down and just choose the ones that I want to make the very most. That would involve more decisions...hmmm.

Enjoy every stitch!
(and choice)



  1. Diane, if you end up making Green Tea and Sweet Beans too, I will fold too. So far I have resisted buying this pattern, but if you start, I may be swept along too. And I already have too many projects!

    But otherwise, yes, I am familiar with everything else you said! My latest conclusion is to make the ones that are the most insistent, and the ones that improve my skills.

  2. Oh dear, have I heard that voice?! It's my leading Lady for all the things I make. Sometimes I try to shut her up, but normally she makes my ideas better. Making choices though is more difficult. I like too much things and want to make so many things and have so many ideas still in my head, I will never get old enough to make all of it. That's indeed the problem; my hands can't keep up with my head!!! Wish I could work 10 times faster, just to be a little bit more productive.... Well, guess that is a common quilter's problem, isn't it?!

  3. Well, most of us can't make everything, that's for sure! I'm like you, thinking I'll make a certain pattern and almost before I'm done deciding, I've already changed everything I like about the pattern inside my head. Whoa! Slow down girl! So... I have to stack my fabrics together, let them simmer for awhile--play with them until I'm sure, then eventually if I still feel that strong pull to make the quilt I'll cut some of the quilt out. It's just a process that I can't seem to rush through or I end up very unhappy with the results. The pattern you're looking at is FABulous though--I'm sure you'll have a great time making it, no matter how you change it up.:)


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