Thursday, July 17, 2014

9 Patches to the rescue!

Sewing these 9 patches yesterday helped distract me from the sounds of the table saw, and the smell of paint. I had a crew in the basement installing the flooring in my sewing room, and another crew upstairs painting bedrooms while the boys are at camp. I doubt they will notice that their rooms are different colors when they come home.

As I sat in my dining room, sewing 9 patches for the exchange that Barb is hosting, I was able to create my own little world of patchwork. It was so much more fun than thinking about the hole in the new tv created by the flooring guys, or the cement that was hardening on my ironing board, or the dust that was covering my roll of batting.

So after I caught the dogs (who went on a grand adventure after discovering the workers had left the gate open!) and after I vacuumed up whatever it was that got tracked through my front hall, I sat at my little travel machine and sewed to my heart's content. I hardly even noticed the throbbing in my foot caused by dropping the bookcase on it while moving it out of the sewing room. After all, I still have nine toenails left.

Yep, pretty sure sewing these 9 patches saved my sanity yesterday.

Enjoy every stitch!


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