Monday, July 7, 2014

I think I'm addicted...

I am pretty sure I'm hooked on these little perfect circles and perfect ovals by Karen Kay Buckley. I had no idea making applique circles could be so fun and easy. I just found out about these last week. How is it possible that I hadn't known about them before? They come in a bunch of sizes and can be stored on the ring that is included. The ovals didn't have holes in them so I just punched holes with a regular hole punch. It worked perfectly and now I can keep them on the same ring. 

 Finished circle from the front (above) and the back (below). They come with directions but it is nothing more than cutting a circle and running a stitch around the edge, pull the thread tight to gather around the circle, press, pop out the template and voila! It really couldn't be any simpler.
 The ovals work the same way. I've been making blackberries from blackberry fabric. How perfect is that?

Enjoy every circle (and oval) !!!


  1. I'm lucky to have found them a few applique quilts ago. They are fabulous. I think they're one of the quilting tools I couldn't live without.

  2. I am myself not addicted to applique, but if ever I become, sure I will buy those! Thanks for the idea!

  3. I've been looking at these for a while now, but I didn't realize they were plastic and heat proof. Now I see the benefit! Something to watch out for in the sales. Thanks, Diane!

  4. I've seen these before, but you know me. I love my imperfect circles! I can see why everyone loves the tool though.:)

  5. There's another set of circular ones ... with additional sizes. Think I got mine on-line.


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