Wednesday, July 30, 2014

String Star Border Decisions

Ever have one of those quilts that starts out really well and then takes a few detours? I loved string piecing these blocks and they sewed into a quilt top very nicely. I was happy with the red solid for the background and all was right in my world (with this quilt at least!)

Then I started the border. I had an idea (in my mind) that I wanted to make half block borders. So I sewed two borders and put them up on the wall with the star...

It's okaaaaay, but not as great as I had imagined. So then I flipped them the other way and added a tiny blue strip in between...again, not thrilling.

So I asked my daughter's advice and she slapped up some more pieced blocks onto the ones already there. Hmm. Maybe, so I sewed a row of these. Nope. I ripped out that row.

Then I decided to make whole blocks, I sewed some of the half blocks together to get an idea. This looked like it might work. 

And here's a whole border done (don't mind the wagging tail that is moving the bottom corner of the quilt, it's just how things are around here with a cRaZy black lab.) I think this is the border I'm going with. Now all I have to decide is if I want to add the blue inner border. My daughter says YES and I'm leaning towards no. Hmm. Any input would be welcome!

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. Hi Diane! If I may allow myself, I would give the advice to put the border further from the Star, that means adding more red fabric on each side of the star.

  2. For what it's worth, I agree with both Denise and Christine. I would let the main star "float" more so that it is the main attraction. A narrow blue stop border would separate the star from the busy pieced border.

  3. I agree with these ladies! More space for the Star to be The Star….and then that narrow blue border to separate that busy border!
    Love where you are going with this!

  4. You might night like this idea - but I agree about having some more red space, then maybe 2 or 3 borders of printed fabric with a red separating them. I wouldn't use the scrap diamonds. Historically this is the way most large stars are set and it makes such a nice dramatic frame. I can send some photos, but I bet you have books that show this style too.

  5. Hi Diane! I vote for no blue border. I think it helps the eyes fins a resting spot. Most of the time a solid border helps our eyes rest, but in this case with all the movement coming from the triangles, I think the red background helps us find a stopping point before the last border. I am working on these same triangles with scraps. I may change my plan and do this arrangement instead! So stunning!

  6. Love your border! I rather like the idea of a floating maybe some more red for the inner border (totally indistinguishable from the star's background) before that fab border of string diamonds!


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