Saturday, July 19, 2014

Vintage Quilt Inspiration

On Highway 25 in South Carolina, there is a simple little antique mall called Country Antiques. I love to stop there every time I visit my mom in NC. They always have a good selection of antique quilts and vintage sewing accesories. I actually bought a ball jar full of old wooden thread spools and another printer's tray for storing threads. Of course I didn't take a photo of either of those yet.

This is the main display case of quilts, but there are others scattered throughout. Not all of them are fine heirlooms. Many of them have damage or are made of polyester, but they all have charm!

How fun is this cathedral windows made from plaid? I had never seen this combination before, but it is really fun and proves that no matter what you have to work with, you can make whatever you want!

There were several variations of New York Beauties. This is one was very well made and all of the points were chopped off, on purpose (or at least very consistantly!). I love the color combinations on this as well but it is so faded, I can only wonder what colors these were originally.

I find inspiration in this little antique shop every single time I visit!
I'll be back soon to share other photos from our little trip soon.


  1. What a charming shop! Very funny the points chopped off in the last picture! I think the quilter was just not a perfectionist!
    I love the first one, I always said I would make such a quilt... is'nt it called Around the World?
    I am eager to see the pictures of your finds.

  2. There is always something charming about quilts! Looks like a great place to browse.


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