Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Workshop

(Shannon's fabric choices are so fun!)

I had the pleasure of meeting the Quilt Guild of the Southern Crescent this weekend. I spoke at their meeting on Friday and spent all day Saturday with them making pickle dishes. We had a good time and I will admit, that this group of quilters means business! We got so much farther in this workshop than I have with any other group. That's not to say we didn't have fun too, we did. I really enjoyed each and every person there.

Thanks for having me!


ps. if your guild would like to schedule a workshop or trunk show, just click here to see all the details or email me at


  1. Hi Diane! It seems you had a great time there! I love this pattern and have in mind to make such a quilt... one day! The new decor of your blog looks beautiful with your famous quilt! I like as well the header.

  2. Oh you're making me feel guilty for neglecting mine now! It's such a great pattern, I don't know why I keep procrastinating.:)


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