Monday, August 4, 2014

A Charity Quilt and an Adventure

I'll be machine quilting this quilt later this week. Mary Ruth (on the right) had some foundation blocks that she wasn't going to use, so she divided them up with the members of our Bee group and we each made a couple of them. Then she pieced the top together and added border. I figured the least I could is machine quilt it. I really like to machine quilt and this top looks like it has lots of possibilities.

I'm not sewing anything today because I'm having one last adventure with the kiddos before school starts on Thursday. We asked the kids what they would like to do and the boys of course wanted to ride roller coasters. Our plan includes 22 roller coasters, a day at the beach, a quilt shop, and a little sightseeing. How can you go wrong with a plan like that? The kids all have movies downloaded to their ipads and iphones for the plane rides and I plan to continue reading this book because it is SO good!

Stitch something for me!


  1. It seems your are having a good time! I could not see which book you read, the link does not work.

  2. Hope you are having a blast!!! Gorgeous quilt! Absolutely love the corner log cabins...any chance of a tutorial on how to make them???

  3. The link isn't working for "This book". Inquiring minds want to know what you are reading.:)

  4. sounds like a fun time for the kids! love the quilt it will make a beautiful donation quilt.
    can't wait to see how you quilt it.


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