Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August Mini of the Month

This month I chose my pattern When Fall Leaves as my inspiration. It was originally published in QUILT magazine last year.

I have had this bundle of American Jane Potluck for quite a while and decided I really wanted to cut into it.

I reduced the size of the blocks and the number of the blocks to make a table runner. I also eliminated the middle pieced border. You can add it if you like, but my fabrics were kind of busy already, so I left mine off. You will have enough extra pieces from making the blocks, that no additional cutting will be required.
So here are the instructions....

Potluck Table Topper
17" x 31"

Cutting Instructions:

cut two 3 1/2" x 18" outer borders
cut two 1 1/2" x 18" inner borders
cut 24 strips 1 1/2" x 13" for blocks
cut six 4 1/2" squares for background blocks
cut two 5 1/2" squares for corners, cut them in half on the diagonal once
cut three 6" squares for the setting triangles, cut them in half on the diagonal both directions (you will have two extras left over)

Sewing Instructions:

Sew the inner borders to the outer borders lengthwise and set aside.
Sew two strips together lengthwise, repeat until you have 12 strips sets of two.
Cut these strip sets in half, sew together again, alternating the fabrics. This will give you a strip set four across of alternating two fabrics that will be about 6 1/2" long. Repeat with all 12 sets.
Press one direction, then cross cut the strip sets into four 1 1/2" segments. You will have a bit extra for trimming the ends.
Flip every other subcut section, to create a checkerboard.
Sew these units together, matching the seam lines.
Press these seams open.
Trim the blocks to 4 1/2" if needed.


Lay out the blocks and background pieces according to the photo. Sew the diagonal rows together. Once the rows are sewn, sew each row to the next one. Trim the whole quilt top so that one quarter inch seam allowance is left at corners of each block. Add the border units and trim to the correct length.


Sew two fat quarters together and trim to 20" x 35" (or longer if you added the pieced border.) Cut a piece of batting the same size. Layer and baste the quilt sandwich. Quilt as desired. Use a fat quarter for binding. I cut the check on the bias for this quilt.

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. Oh, this is so lovely! Thank you for sharing those clear instructions. I love American Jane designs. I have to tell you that your quilt When Fall Leaves is one of my favorites ever!

  2. cute quilt, perfect one to make you cut into that bundle!


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