Thursday, August 28, 2014

From Dublin with Love

The bad thing about having a hubby who flies airplanes for a living is that he is gone a LOT. The good thing about having a hubby who travels all the time is that he likes to bring things home to me! He loves a good challenge, and if I can google a quilt shop or fabric source and give him an address and a  list of demands  "wish list" he will make it his mission to find what I'm looking for! Apparently, it was raining very heavily while he was in Dublin, but he accomplished his goal in spite of the elements!

For full disclosure, I should probably admit that he did 'facetime' me from two shops so that I could choose the fat quarter bundles and magazines that I liked best. So it wasn't a total surprise. He wasn't able to get the things that were on my list, so he let me choose via video. Kind of awesome huh?

I must say that the little ginghams are the softest cotton weave and such lovely shades of color. It's rare to find a gingham in the US that doesn't have polyester in it *shudder*. The tiny conversationals are so detailed that it's hard to appreciate them in the photo. And these two magazines are ones that are not available here locally. While our bookstore does carry a few British mags, these have not been spied here yet, and I would know because I stay on top of these details! LOL

So I am going to really enjoy stitching and reading, and I've still got a few of the chocolates he brought me from Brussells. Yum. Now he's off to boring cities in the US where he will have to amuse himself by jogging park trails or lounging on the beach, poor fellow. Not nearly as fun as searching out quilt shops, I'm sure.

Enjoy every stitch!


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