Friday, August 22, 2014

Happy Mail

After Lori recommended this book on her blog, I decided to look for it online. I found it on Amazon for less than $4! It was a used copy but when it arrived a few days ago, it looked to be in perfect condition and even smelled like a new book. I am so happy to have it because not only does it have great photos of quilts but it has loads of good information (you know how I love a little quilt history!) It's a beautiful book and I would also recommend it. Thanks for the tip Lori!

Enjoy every book!


  1. So happy you found it! I'm still enjoying mine. (used, but brand new too!)

  2. A suggestion from another blogger here and there about a "new" book, and I'm off to Amazon to see if I can find it. Looks like you do the same thing. I don't need another pattern book or technique book--I'm comfortably set with ideas for years to come. But the quilt history books get me every time. They're my current favorites.

  3. SCORE!!!! Always fun to get a deal on a book!

  4. I love the historical books--so inspiring!


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