Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Instagram and a favor

I love instagram. I really do. I follow some very inspiring people but I would like to follow a few more. If you have an instagram feed, or know of a good one, would you leave it in the comments? Because you know, I have so much free time that I really need to spend more of it looking a cool quilting photos. LOL And if you want to follow me on instagram, just click HERE.

Thanks so much!


  1. I have been a follower of your IG feed for some time. You can find my feed under PHYLLISWHITE (don't know if you actually need all those capital letters, but this is the way IG lists my account). You can find quilting pics (both hand and machine, working on applique for Di Ford's Phebe quilt at the moment) , some crochet and travel pics there. Looking forward to finding out about other IG accounts via these comments as well, great idea!

  2. I just found you on IG! You can find me at katyquilts.

  3. I love IG - just started following you. I am @meandmystitches.

  4. Most of mine is not quilting, FYI- loridej. I found you and am now a follower.

  5. I have only recently discovered IG myself! I love taking a peek every now and then during the working day - it's like a quick escape down the street or around the world. I love New Orleans houses and old houses in general, so I follow homesofnola, mississippihouses, oldhouselove and nolaporches. My son suggested natgeo (National Geographic), natgeotravel and usinterior (U.S. parks). Quilt related: alexanderhenryfabrics, figtreeandco (Joanna Figueroa), katespain (Kate Spain) and redpepperquilts. My feed only has pictures of my dogs thus far, but I am a.helman if you want to follow. I'll get better pictures posted eventually!

  6. I signed up yo follow you on Instagram. You're welcome to follow me as well.


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