Friday, September 5, 2014

Excuses, excuses...

(proof I've actually been sewing!)

Oh I have a whole list of them! I know I haven't blogged all week and here are a few of the reasons...

1. My laptop had a hard drive melt-down that involved some ugly moments and more than a few bad words. Super-techie-hubby to the rescue, and I am now typing on a new laptop with all of the information that was saved on the backup. I could go into more detail, but why relive the misery?

2. I got sick. To be honest, I get sick every September. I send the kids back to school in August. Within a week or two they come home sick. I tend to them, get them well and back to school and then Wham! It hits me. Upper respiratory infection, congestion, coughing, unable to sleep due to the volume of grossness in my sinuses... It gets ugly, and I get grumpy, because who has time for that crap? Not me! Thankfully, I am on the mend.

3. I am attempting to stay organized. Contracts flying in and out of the mailbox, the calendar is filling fast and I am thrilled to have so many wonderful folks to share this crazy quilting journey with. If I'm visiting to your guild soon, know that I am really looking forward to it!

4. This momma gig goes into overdrive this time of year. Keeping up with three teens and their three sports and activities is no small task. Add to that a bizarre allergic reaction by one of my kids to stepping in an ant pile and the near panic that followed. The kid is fine, his leg is improving and the swelling is going down, but my momma heart is exhausted. Why does it have to be so painful to witness your own child's difficulties? Thanks to modern medicine and some TLC a full recovery is expected. Whew.

5. The painters were back. I love my painters, and they do good work, but when they are painting the doors that lead from the quilting room to the backyard, it requires said doors to be left open. Did I mention it's been in the 90's and raining every day. So my quilt room has resembled a sauna. I've been sewing in the dining room instead, not ideal, but at least it's cool.

The GOOD NEWS is that I see some sense of order arrising from the chaos and we should be able to return to our regularly scheduled blog posts next week. I do have some goodies to share and I need to whip up a mini for September to share. I also have about 200 blogs to catch up on reading, but maybe I'll be able to do that this weekend.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and get caught up doing whatever it is that brings you joy!
Enjoy every stitch,


  1. Sounds like September started out with a bang! Yes, being a mom is hard work, but oh so worth it! Glad your son is doing better.

  2. Phew! Nothing like the stress/fun of starting a new school year. Glad to hear things are settling down. On a completely different note, it looks like you pulled out your vintage Singer Model 15. Hope it was fun to stitch on!

  3. It must be the summer curse. No matter how much we want to quilt, there's always something that gets in the way. Today was my day to get into the quilt room and I had a million interruptions. Glad your son is alright, the walls are getting painted and your computer is up and running. Everything else will surely fall into place soon.:)

  4. Sounds like a lot of excitement going on in your life! Maybe you are just getting all that stuff out of the way, and the rest of the month, you will be a quilting maniac!

  5. Wow, crazy time at your house!!! Sometimes you just have to close your eyes and hold on tight!!! Glad all the ickies are on their way out that open door of your sewing room!!!


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