Friday, September 26, 2014

Hello Autumn!

Reading all of the posts lately sharing the beautiful fall quilts and home decorations got me all inspired! I realized I should pull out my fall colored quilts and autumn home accessories as well. So I hung my autumn wreath on the front door before Luna removed all of the berries.

In the front hall I added the tiny log cabin quilt given to me by my sweet friend Mary Ruth. She even hand quilted it because she's amazing like that! I hung the falling leaves quilt that was made by tracing a collection of leaves my kids gathered one year. I challenged them to find as many different kinds of leaves as they could in our back yard and I was surprised at how many they found. Naturally, they ended up on a quilt.

I hung my baskets quilt over the sofa, and a tumbler quilt at the end of the sofa. This is my favorite napping place, so it's good to have a quilt ready and this one has a flannel backing, sigh.

Then I realized that I couldn't locate any of my other fall decorations. I have a collection of painted pumpkins that usually go here that I can't find. I added two small ceramic pumpkins that usually go on my coffee table. I have no idea where the missing items are but I do know that they were stored in a bin in the closet in the basement that flooded this summer. So they must have not gotten moved back when the chaos was settling. Though I am the person who put all of the bins back in that closet so I am not sure where they are! I do hope they didn't get tossed by accident. Hmmm,

But don't worry, no kitties were disturbed from their naps during the making of this post. She does manage to find the most comfortable looking spots to relax in...

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy every stitch!


  1. I need to mix my quilts up a little more and try to display more seasonally! Your tumbler quilt looks so wonderful there laying over the arm of the couch. Very inviting!

  2. beautiful home and quilts - looks cozy and warm. thanks for sharing

  3. I'm admiring that basket quilt! I'm kind of new to reading your blog... so I'm not sure if you posted the pattern name?

  4. Lovely fall quilts and your home is beautiful .

  5. Sorry your pumpkins are AWOL!! You home looks lovely and your quilts are fabulous!!!

  6. It's so lovely to see all your autumn decorations! I particularly love your basket quilt. I hope you find your other decorations.

  7. Happy fall! Your quilts are so pretty! I think the baskets looks positively wonderful!! I love a flannel backing for a snuggle quilt.
    I just came across another tub of my fall decor... I hope you find yours.

  8. I just pulled out a few more fall decorations too. I just love your basket quilt. It is on my to do list. I have been collecting background fabrics for it.

  9. I've started to pull out a few fall decorations as well. The leaves are a nice touch. Love the baskets, I want to make that one.


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