Friday, September 12, 2014


(one of the quilts from the vintage collection with modern quilting)

I spent Friday at Quilting Live in Atlanta. I was there when the doors opened and didn't leave until every booth had been shopped, every quilt had been admired, and every quilting rock star had been met! It was too much fun!

My friend Martha and I were volunteered to pose in the Quilt Land booth and we might have had a bit of fun with the dress up and decor! Just a little.

Then we might have bought a few things, 

...and then a few more.

(another vintage quilt with modern quilting)

And then we looked at some gorgeous quilts.

(Victoria with her quilt that was incredible!)

And the highlight of the day was meeting Victoria Findlay Wolfe and having her guide us through the collection of wedding ring quilts. She was as charming and nice as she is talented! 

We also got to meet the quilter who made this quilt (which won the wedding ring competition it was hung with) and let me just say that this quilt is even more gorgeous in person than it is in the photo.

(by the amazingly talented Rachel)

This version was made in DENIM with some seriously fabulous HAND QUILTING and we might have had a conversation about THAT. Impressive doesn't begin to cover it. I told Rachel I would take a photo of her quilt and say hello to it. I also spent some quality time just admiring it. Her choice of fabrics and threads and texture combinations are so fun. 

Without a doubt, this quilt got the best laugh! It was part of the collection by John Flynn showcasing some of his work over the years. This quilt was inspired by the 2000 presidential election. He chose to quilt donkeys and elephants in the corners of the blocks, and he wrote quotes from the debates in the sashing. But what he wrote in the white section of the sashing is "what he heard"...blah, blah, blah.... I laughed so hard. He also included the yelllow block to represent florida since the red blocks and blue blocks represented the political parties of the other states. And on the back...patriotic hot air balloons. How perfect is that? I love a good sense of humor when it comes to politics! 

We also ran into a few friends (a dozen or so!) and that is always fun. It was a great day, and I look forward to doing it again next year!



  1. what a fun day! lucky you. Isn't Victoria just so nice, she is such an ambassador for quilting in mho…lucky you getting to see Rachels quilt in person….
    I love her blog and her work, who made the quilt that won the challenge ? it looks familiar I think she is a blogger too!

  2. Looks like it was a fun day! The quilter who made Organic Pink Pickles is Karen Williamson, who blogs at Nana Girl Quilts. I've known her since my earliest quilting days and she is one reason I started blogging. She makes amazing quilts!

  3. Lucky, lucky you! What a fun day and so inspirational too. Love that you got to see some quilt bloggers quilts in person! I'm a little, tiny bit jealous.:)

  4. Thanks for saying hello to my quilt! It's great to see some of the others from the exhibit too. The Atlanta show overall sounds wonderful , I can believe you had a great day there!

  5. Thanks Diane for the shout out. Meeting Victoria was definitely a highlight. It was a great event and the quilts on display were very inspiring.


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