Thursday, September 18, 2014

Why I blog...

(pattern found here)

I blog for lots of reasons. Here's a few:

1. I love to quilt and teach and share.
2. I love looking at pretty pictures of quilts and want to return the favor.
3. I like meeting other quilters from all over the world.
4. I like getting comments and feedback from people who understand quilting.
5. I like to write and take photos almost as much as I like to quilt.
6. I like knowing people can just google me if they want to find me.
7. Selling my patterns is a thrill...every.single.time.
8. Encouraging people to try something new makes me so happy.
9. Knowing someone is quilting because I encouraged or inspired them is incredibly rewarding.
10. I enjoy it.

I also like to read other blogs.
Thanks for reading this one!


  1. Every one of those points you wrote above comes through in your blog, and is why I like reading what you write. :) Thank you for blogging.

  2. It seems blogging is being replaced by instagram, but I am going to keep on doing it too. I think I like the writing and getting to know other quilters.

  3. I like to blog too, and I like reading what other girls have to say. I get a lot of inspiration from others which can be scary sometimes but for the most part, I get good inspiration.
    Yes, a lot of girls use Instagram, I do too, but nothing will replace blogging with lots of pictures of a good project!
    Peggy in NJ

  4. yes times 10! :) And that pic! Do you know where I can find that pattern? I have been searching the internet for days for a pickledish pattern like that! I must not be looking in the right places........


      This is the listing in my Etsy shop. You can buy the PDF or the paper version. Look no further!

    2. Hi Karen, I've tried a couple of times to send you the link through this reply but my laptop is being cranky! I 've added the link just under the photo or you can visit my shop by clicking on the tab at the top of the blog. Thanks so much!

  5. I think the blogging platform is just better for the details.:)

  6. I'm glad you enjoy writing, 'cuz I enjoy reading. Thank you,

  7. .... and I love reading your blog, so thanks for sharing!
    Sorry I haven't commented much lately. I haven't blogged much neither, because I was not feeling well, but hopefully that flare is getting better now so I think I will come by more often again... Your 10 min. tip from this week was a brilliant one by the way. I've had a sewing-dip lately and couldn't get myself to get behind the sewingmachine. But today, I just told myself to do just 5 minutes of sewing and than would see if it's going okay... It worked, 'cause I sew for a good half hour! Small steps is the answer!!!

  8. Im her to stay in blog land, it is a better vehicle for journaling my work - interesting to read you list

  9. Yay for blogging!! It's great to read your list. My favourite part of blogging is meeting like minded people all over the world!!

  10. I don't do Twitter or Instagram...just blog, read blogs and a wee bit of Pinterest...but blogs win!!!


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