Tuesday, October 21, 2014

10 Minute Tip

Today's 10 minute tip is one of my old standby's. I ALWAYS have a secret stash of chocolate in my quilting room. I keep a little chocolate handy at all times because it helps when you need a little moment to relax, or you are contemplating the blocks on your design wall, or you cut your last piece of fabric wrong (not that it's ever happened to me, of course, but JUST in case!) 

My favorite brand are the Chocolove bars, and I haven't tried a flavor I didn't like yet, but the raspberries in dark chocolate is my most frequently purchased. I find these in the health food section of my local grocery store, so they must be good for me, right?

Enjoy every bite!


  1. I've given up chocolate for now, I was eating way too much but if I did I'd be looking for those chocolate bars, they look wonderful! Such great flavours.

  2. Oh, absolutely yes, chocolate is good for you! I always claim it as a fruit... or maybe a nut... because, after all, it does grow on a tree, right? It's a standby in my work room.

  3. I keep a stash of chocolate in my sewing room too! I have not tried that brand, but you have inspired me too.

  4. That's a good idea, to always keep some chocolate within reach. When I crave some there's never any in the house. I don't know this brand of chocolate, but I will look out for it next time we're in the US.

  5. I need to buy a little freezer for my studio!! I love my chocolate frozen - takes longer to eat that way!!! These look lovely, I'll have to hunt them down!


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