Tuesday, October 28, 2014

10 Minute Tip

This 10 Minute Tip is one I have been using this past week. Instead of winding new bobbins for piecing work, just use random partial bobbins that are left over from other projects. I have been piecing a scrappy quilt and I have blue, green, pink, yellow and beige bobbin threads used throughout it. If the thread is not darker than the fabrics you are piecing, it won't shadow through, and you will be able to tidy up your bobbin container at the same time! 

Now go use up some old bobbins!


  1. this is a good one! I use this tip when I when I'm piecing

  2. I do this too, and sometimes wind bobbins with nearly empty spools of thread or thread in colors I know I won't use for sewing clothing. It helps to clean up my bobbins and my thread jar.

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  4. I will use bobbins from my longarm that are low on thread and the right color to do the hand sewing of the binding on my quilts. I don't like to waste my expensive thread!! I have used your tip for piecing - great idea!


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