Monday, October 20, 2014

Martha Made Me Do It!

Let me start by saying that my friend Martha is one of the nicest people I know. She will spend hours helping me find just the right fabric for one hard to match quilt. She will gladly eat barbeque for lunch every time I get a craving. She will meet me at Barnes and Noble to drink Starbucks and read all the quilt magazines. (You know you do it too!) And she has had this pattern for making these folded pot holders for a while now. She brings it out occasionally to remind me that we are going to make these. So when I was at the quilt show on Friday, one of the vendors had the pattern and the interfacing I bought them of course! You can get some too over at Cottontail Quilts.
So now Martha and I have no more excuses...we MUST make these now. If you have any experience or tips to share, we would both greatly appreciate it!

Enjoy every stitch!

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