Monday, October 13, 2014

One Hexie of a Weekend!

I spent Saturday with a local guild teaching them all I know about hexies and turning them into cute pincushions (the hexies not the students!) This is such a fun group of folks and I thoroughly enjoyed my day with them. They stitched and chatted and laughed and stitched some more. Pretty much the ideal way to spend a Saturday.

This was also the last weekend of the local fair. The kids enjoyed the entire day at the fair on Sunday. Rain showers in the morning meant there were fewer folks than normal so lines for the rides were not so long. That made the kids happy! Seeing how much fun they had made me happy.

While glancing at my calendar last night, I noticed that a BIG deadline I thought was on Nov. 25 is actually on Oct. 25. So I might be slightlyfreakingout and just trying to k e e p b r e a t h i n g ! I did do some stitching yesterday while watching some very sad football games. Oh my.

I have so much blogging to catch up on...I have a new book to review and share, I have some stitching projects that I just need to photograph if the sun will ever come out...I have some yummy recipes to share...So check back soon, I just might get my act together and blog about it!

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. You're only a month off--no big! lol Love what you have started there with the red stripes!

  2. So much fun seeing 30's type prints in your pickle dish blocks! And I always enjoy your book reviews!

  3. Nice and busy week-end! Your blocks are very beautiful!


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