Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Quilt Show and Tell

A couple of weekends ago, I was at the Chattahoochee Evening Stars quilt show (I may have mentioned it a few hundred times!) And while all of the quilts were impressive, a few of them really caught my eye. The one above was made for one of the guild's president's upon leaving office. It was fun to read all the signatures and well wishes inked in the block backgrounds.

 This dresden plate was interesting because it was so dark and rich in color and most of the time that pattern is done in pastels or florals. I love seeing 'new to me' combinations.

This was a vintage quilt that just called my name! I love the combination of fabrics and the contrast between the lights and the darks. It's the perfect scrap quilt in my opinion!

And this sweet vintage quilt was another favorite of mine. The fabrics were truly whatever was on hand and yet they look so beautiful together.I really like the pink boxes that surround most of the yellow centers. It adds a fun little accent.

Oh my checkerboard heart! I do love this quilt. Not only is it a scrap quilt, but the blocks on the left were just cut off in the middle. Either the quilter ran out of fabrics or decided the quilt was big enough at that point. No need to finish the row! I LOVE it!

And you just might recognize this pattern. How cool is it in wild bright scraps on black? I couldn't love this more...its wonderful!

This was my little contribution to the show. I entered my block of the month that I led my guild in a few years ago. That is NOT a ribbon hanging on it, just a pair of white gloves for the workers. LOL

And this little beauty came home with me. It was a vintage utilitarian quilt that had combed cotton batting (a bit lumpy in places...aren't we all?) and the soft patina of old shirts and aprons all sewn together. I am in love with it and it looks very happy hanging from my upstairs railing.

There were loads more quilts, but these were the ones that I was drawn to. Hope you enjoyed the quick peek at the show!

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. Thanks Diane...always enjoy peeks into shows. I like the collection you picked.

  2. All beauties! My favorite : the fourth from the top (vintage quilt). I agree with you about the pink around the yellow centers. Inspiring...

  3. Very fun! I love that log cabin with the little 'L' of red next to the yellow centers. All of the quilts are wonderful! Thanks for sharing. Would love to see your lovely applique border in person.:)

  4. I love them! My favorite is the 18 patch chopped off! lol


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