Thursday, October 30, 2014

The things that didn't happen in October...

(I did not win this gorgeous raffle quilt!)

I had lots of good intentions but somehow it just didn't work out like I had hoped.

I did not accomplish...

1. I didn't get a cute little Halloween mini quilt made that I really wanted to quilt.
2. I didn't go to Houston (never have actually but I will go one day!)
3. I didn't write a half dozens posts that I intended to.
4. I didn't get nearly enough sleep.
5. I didn't read the book for my book club this month.

(I did give him lots of belly rubs!)

I did however...

1. I did finish and give SIX quilt tops to a long arm quilting friend to quilt for me.
2. I did vend at a local quilt show for a weekend.
3. I did teach 3 programs and 2 workshops.
4. I did go to 2 horse shows and 3 cross country meets.
5. I did go to 3 local quilt shows.
6. I did donate a quilt to the guild charity.
7. I did attend my two guild meetings and my bee group.
8. I did mail two quilts out for publication in spring magazine issues.
9. I did write two articles for Craftsy.
10. I did volunteer at the Quilt Cabin during the county fair (so fun!)
11. I did do 34 loads of laundry (but who's counting?)
12. I did clean up the summer garden and plant the winter veggies.

(She requires daily love as well.)

And before the month is over, I will...

1. Make Tarzan and Jane costumes for Kelly and her horse.
2. Host a Halloween party for the kids and their friends.
3. Go to one more cross country meet to cheer for my boys!
4. Machine quilt a large quilt that's been waiting for me.
5. Put the borders on a New York Beauty quilt that I finished today.

Okay, now I think I understand why I didn't get that mini quilt made or that book read. Oh well, there's always next month!



  1. Well, the stuff you DID do is more than I do in a year and some of them I will never do! (like write articles and publish my quilts....) Really, SiX tops?!!! I only finished one quilt. THiS YEAR!!!!
    I didn't go to Houston either, but I will one day... and I WILL finish one more quilt... this decade....

  2. I can do relate to this. Can't wait to see your NYB, my favorite.

  3. You did so much! Celebrate what you did and don't worry about what you didn't. You had a busy, productive month!

  4. So glad your "dids" outweighed the "didn'ts".

  5. I am tired just reading this! But I do think it helps to focus on the accomplishments, I think I need to do more of that too!

  6. Yikes! I need a nap after reading that "done" list! I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't read a single book this year, but I am keeping a list of "must reads"--maybe this winter?!?

  7. Congratulations, obviously you did more than you did not! We should not overwhelmed ourselves too much...

  8. Oooh, love that log cabin, but then I think I like them all! You are quite possibly the busiest person I know that still manages to sound sane.:) It's a great time of life!

  9. You're good at writing lists! That's probably why you are so good at getting things done. I hope you managed to get things on the 3rd list done before the end of the month.


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