Tuesday, November 18, 2014

10 Minute Tip

(just one of the piles on my table that needs to be dealt with)

I've been following Bonnie Hunter for years (and if you don't you should!) She's been showing progress of her daily 5 minute purge. She chooses a drawer or shelf of cabinet to clean out every day. The woman is amazing (for her quilting too!) but I was inspired so I did a few little 'purges' that led to a few more this weekend. I am happy to say, that my children's sheet music from piano lessons over five years ago is now in the recycle bin. The desk cabinet has been cleaned out and tidied up. The quilt room has a huge box by the door that is getting filled slowly as I sort through every bin and basket, one by one. I'm sure I won't get as much done as Bonnie does (will anyone ever? hahaha) but I do feel good about the progress so far.

So go choose one drawer, basket, bin, shelf or cabinet and get busy...who knows what it will lead to...or what you might find!



  1. It sounds like a good system, much like the Fly Lady. Have you ever read her house cleaning strategies?

  2. I always get so destracted by all the stuff I find when I'm cleaning out drawers or other things.... We spend 3 sundays cleaning and organizing the attic as a sort of pre-moving-action. All the stuff we didn't touch for more than 2 years was thrown out (or donated or sold or given away) What a space we have now! Next is my study; fabrics and books mostly, so I doubt there will be much stuff thrown away this time.... I do find that de-cluttering is very nice and liberating.


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