Thursday, November 6, 2014


I finished a quilt last night and I am so anxious to share it with you but I can't. That absolutely drives me crazy! So I decided to share another quilt instead. This one was made from an Edyta Sitar pattern way back in 2011. It had foundation pieced blocks and I used the Carol Doak papers and they worked like a charm. It was a LOT of ripping tiny bits of paper off though. I remember my son asking me one day, "Are you still picking those papers off?" and I replied, "I'll probably still be doing this at your wedding!" Which was confusing to him since he was only 12 at the time. Luckily, I did finish and it hangs in my den now.

(Here's that sweet boy at the time, he's taller than me now. Sigh.)

Maybe I should start a TBT (throw back Thursday) like they do on Instagram and Facebook, only share my older quilts on Thurdays. Would anyone be interested in that? Might be fun to see what I can dig up! Just a thought.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. I guess this is why I never publish quilts, I always post them - how do you know you are going to publish when you start there by avoiding posting?
    lovely pineapple.

  2. Edyta Sitar is one of my favorites. This quilt is stunning.

  3. Lovely pineapple looks great on your wall...I would love to see your TBT quilts hugs, Julierose

  4. Love the idea of TBT for quilts. I re-discovered an older quilt I meant to blog about this week, but work totally interfered with blogging time. Maybe next Thursday!

  5. Love your pineapple quilt and your TBT idea. I should do that too - I have a lot of quilts that I've never shared on my blog.


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