Thursday, November 13, 2014


Welcome to the second weekly edition of Throw Back Thursday! I got so many nice comments about the idea of featuring an 'older' quilt on Thursdays and several people were even willing to join in! If I can figure out how to do a linky thingy I'll add it to the bottom of the post...if not, feel free to leave your blog post link in the comments!

This week I chose a quilt that I made way back in 2011. It's the tiny pinwheels by Primitive Gatherings. I think they actually still sell this pattern with template. It is tiny. You can see in the second photo that it isn't much larger than the pattern! LOL

I have this quilt hanging in my hallway with lots of family photos. It fits well with my decor all year long, so it's not one I swap out for the seasons. I will share one of those next week!

Enjoy every stitch!

Don't forget to link up...I want to see your quilts too!


  1. Hi--the first photo on my linked post is my throwback (I clicked on the wrong pix--duh--I am very linky challenged!!) I posted about how it came about...hugs, Julierose

  2. Fun! Now to find another TBT quilt for next week!

  3. great quit, love the colors. It is funny, we were doing this interlocking pattern in 90s and then it came back in a big way.

  4. Great idea this TBT party! Your tiny quilt is beautiful, I like the red on the center left!


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