Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thankful for...

my quilting friends who support me every day.

Thankful for Mary Ruth who is my mentor, my confidant, and my reliable adventure seeker. She has been making me laugh and inspiring me for over 15 years now! (We met in grade school *wink*)

Thankful for my Bee group friends: Anne, who is so interesting and skilled, Darlene who has a huge heart, Patsy who is always good for a laugh and Kathy who is the quiet balance to my sometimes crazy.

Thankful for Martha who is always ready for a trip to the quilt shop and willing to eat BBQ for lunch no matter how many times I ask!

Thankful for Betty who is quilting my quilts with so much skill and thoughtfulness.

Thankful for Janet, Randy, Joseph and Stacia who welcome me to the local quilt shop on an often daily basis in spite of my many crazy requests. They always seem happy to see me and offer encouragement and chocolate. They make buying fabric even more fun than usual!

Thankful for my guild friends who celebrate this fabric craft right along with me. They understand the joy and the reward that stitching offers and they inspire me constantly. They encourage me with their support and kind words. They really are so much more important to me than I ever take the time to say.

So today I just wanted to say...
I have much to be thankful for,

My heart is full,


  1. Love this saying! Do you have any issues if I use the saying in a future post?

  2. Beautiful post Diane! You are a lucky person!


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