Tuesday, December 9, 2014

10 Minute Tip

(a few gifts being protected by the ribbon inspector)

I love wrapping gifts, don't you?

This week's tip is more holiday related than quilt related. It's how I manage the gift wrapping for the season. I did almost all of my shopping online this year and that means boxes arrive randomly on the front porch. So I set up a GIFT WRAPPING STATION. I cleared off a desk in the corner of my bedroom and put all of the gift wrap, bows, tape, tags, scissors and a pen that I would need right there. I can wrap each gift as it arrives and I can also send my hubby or kids to go wrap anything they might need to without having to show them where everything is...it's all in one place! It's quick and easy and when Christmas is over, I can pop all the supplies back in the box and shove it under the bed until next year!



  1. i do love to wrap! lol ribbon inspector - puuurfect!!!!

  2. Great Idea! Clearing off an area as we speak!!! Thanks

  3. Great idea! Just need to find a good spot.:)

  4. Oh the ribbon inspector looks intense--nobody better mess with the ribbons!


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