Monday, December 1, 2014

Hello December.

Seriously, am I the only person who can't believe it is December already? I mean, where the heck did November go? Or October for that matter! I'm either living in my own time zone, not getting enough sleep, or simply confused. Perhaps all three.

Okay then, let's do this December checklist/goal/whatever thing...

1. I will walk a minimum of one mile a day no matter what the weather is like. Who's with me?
2. I will make the time to read at least one book, hopefully two!
3. I will try a new recipe (frozen fruit salad, YUM!)
4. I will not let the shopping/ party going/ season of craziness get to me. I will remain calm. (Repeat to self as needed.)
5. I will make at least one handmade gift.
6. I will treat myself to something magical (hopefully I will recognize it when I see it!)

Oh sure, there will still be all the traditions and family time that I cherish. There will be tree decorating, cookie baking and stocking stuffing. There will be surprises and music and laughing. There will be hot chocolate and snuggling with doggies. There will be movies and football games to watch. There will cold weather and blazing fires. But this year, I'm going to savor the moments more and stress less. I'm going to relax a little and let go. Am I the only one who needs this little reminder?

Let's do this December!


  1. I may just have to share those goals with you! Great aspirations! Love your pretty Christmas quilt too.

  2. HI,such a pretty hst piece!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. The red & white piece is a simple one. Nice for the holdays.

  4. Well said, now if only I can do some of those things.

  5. Sounds like a great list. I am practically hyperventilating over the fact that we're in December! So NOT ready for this!:)

  6. Great goals--we are trying to do the one mile a day, DH and I, but we both have back issues so some days it's not feasible--but today we did it! YAY! We find that early morning is the best time for us--otherwise when afternoon hits we just don't feel like it. I'm on with reading--being a book-aholic; and that is a good mantra--especially with all the hype around us (every single minute on tv!! and in stores!!) . And it's December already????? hugs, Julierose

  7. I'm committed to running one mile every day until Jan 1st. So far, so good...

  8. It's a great reminder to stress less and savour more. Good luck with your checklist. I love the holly sprig on your little Christmas quilt.

  9. Good goals!! Now write them down and post to your bathroom mirror so you will read them daily. I would need them posted in a multitude of places!!! I have 4 quilts and 32 microwave bowl potholders ready for gifting, and only need to make 32 plate potholders...but maybe those will be for next year!! Gotta get my customer's quilt quilted first!

  10. Oh boy did that comment about relaxing and staying calm hit home. Thank you. Good luck with all your other goals too.


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