Tuesday, January 6, 2015

10 Minute Tip

I did NOT make this bag, but I want to!
Photo from Pinterest found HERE.

This tip isn't necessarily quilt related but it's a good thing to do at the beginning of the year...

  Clean out your purse. 

That's right, there's a reason your husband is afraid to look in there! Not only should you clean out all the pockets and throw away old receipts, lists and notes, but pull out your wallet. Now check your credit cards and health insurance cards. Did you get a new health insurance card for the new year? Toss the old one! Are your credit card numbers and contact information listed somewhere at home in case your wallet is ever stolen or lost? Make that list now and put it someplace safe. Hopefully, you will never need it. Finally, sort your shopping reward cards. I know I have some for stores that no longer exist! Take the time to toss the ones you won't ever use and put them all in a coin purse or separate pocket. (Obviously the quilt shop cards should be in front for ease of access!)

It might not seem like a fun thing to do now, but think of all the time and hassle it will save you later. You're welcome.

Then go sew something as a reward for a job well done!


  1. Good tip. I need to make that list today.

  2. Great tip Diane, thanks! And I want as well to do this bag!

  3. Love it! Now, how do we KEEP our purses clean? Any advice there? I clean mine and it stays nice for a max of an hour! LOL

  4. This is a great bag to make! It's the 241 tote from Anna Graham! You'll love the pattern and design. Sooooo easy and looks super cool with the optional slashy zippers! I recommend you use SF101 interfacing on the outer fabric and lining and then an layer of craft fuse (808 I think) ontop of the sf101. The 101 adheres better than the craft fuse. Alternatively, you could assemble with an interlining for stiffness. I made my first one with just SF101 and it was still kinda slouchy for me. It will just depend on the structure that you prefer. But it's a great pattern!


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