Tuesday, January 13, 2015

10 Minute Tip

My favorite batting found HERE.

Does the dust and lint in your sewing room ever seam like it magically appears on a daily basis, or is this just my problem? Seriously, I know I play with fabric and thread in there but the lint built up seems completely out of control! I have found a good trick for it though.

I dropped a small piece of batting that I was going to toss in the garbage. When I bent down to pick it up I was horrified by the dust under my sewing table! I used the batting scrap to wipe the floor and the small parts of the table under my machine. Viola! It picked up all that lint and the tiny threads (and the dog hair, but that's another topic for another day).

So today's tip is...

Use batting scraps to dust around your machine, and in small places where lint and threads collect.

Now that it's all nice and tidy, go ahead and sew something, you deserve it!


  1. good one. I have a friend who has used them on her swiffer sweeper

  2. I do that all the time. It's scary to see how much dust is really there!
    Love Barb's idea to use it with a swiffer.

  3. Yes and if you attach them to the end of a long stick with a rubber band they can even clean cobwebs from high corners. Not that I do a lot of cleaning, but ...

  4. Great idea! I'm not a huge fan of the warm and natural for bed quilts but like it for wall hangings. Do you use it exclusively?

  5. Good tip. Maybe I should try it all over my house.

  6. Oh great idea--Not only do I end up tracking threads and pieces of fabric throughout the house, but I KNOW it's vey dusty in there!! Hugs, Julierose

  7. Batting is a great idea, sometimes I use scraps on the floor in a similar way. It's amazing how much dust and lint sewing makes.

  8. It does work well. I've grabbed scraps out of the garbage in my quilt room before and used it to dust!


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