Saturday, January 31, 2015

Just Because...

This quilt came home yesterday from being photographed for Scrap Quilts. You can click on the link to see photos of all of the quilts included in this issue. It's on newstands now. I had two quilts included in this issue and I am truly honored to be among some really talented quilters and their very special quilts.

This particular quilt was hard for me to make. I have long admired quilts that just stop in the middle of a block or pattern repeat. I always found myself curious as to why a quilter wouldn't finish the pattern. Did she run out of fabric? Did part of the quilt get damaged and simply cut off? Did it fit the bed so she stopped? Did she just get tired of it and wanted to move on to the next quilt?

Being the curious kind of person that I am, I decided I must see if I was capable of such a stunt. It was difficult. I played with the block arrangement. I made extra blocks just 'to see' how it would look. I even turned the quilt in every direction, but in the end, I decided to stick with my original plan.

Quitlting detail from the back. There is one leaf in each orange square.

When I was a young child and did something naughty, my mom would ask...Diane, why did you do that? I always replied with the same sincere answer...Just because (with a turn of the head of shrug of the shoulders.) Because sometimes, there are no good answers.

So if someone asks me why one row of this quilt is missing, I might just have to say...just because.

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. Just because... it is fantastic Diane, congratulations on another successful quilt and on the publication of it in Scrap Quilts!

  2. This is a beauty, Diane. I love the colours and the setting.

    I think a lot of the time those strange settings in antique quilts happened because someone inherited an unfinished top, and then adapted it to their own needs. Barbara Brackman posted a photo a while ago of a hybrid quilt where a small top had been set on point, and another top was cut on the diagonal to make the setting triangles. It was fascinating! I guess UFOs are not a new phenonmenon among quilters. :D

  3. I think it's those "just because" quilts that stick in our memories. We always wonder why--kind of like the Mona Lisa's smile mystery.

  4. An excellent reason in my book.:)


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